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Trigonometry is a branch of pure mathematics which goes long way back in history and which is also utilized in complex mathematical concepts that incluede geometry.

For the O/L mathematics syllabus we only have the basics of trigonometry.

First of all lets identify the 3 main trigonometrical ratios. They are,
1.) sine
2.) cosine
3.) tangent

For the O/L exam we only have to learn about these ratios about a right angled triangle.

In the diagram show above the angle C is denoted by theta.
In the O/L syllabus the definitions of trigonometrical ratios are simplified so that the students could get a better understanding about them.
For the angle theta the trigonometrical ratios can be defined as follows,

Generally we can identify that sin ratio of an angle is the ratio between the length of the oppsite side and  the hypotneuse relative to the angle. The cosine ratio of an angle is the ratio between the length of adjacent side and the hypotaneuse relative to the angle. The tan ration of an angle is the ratio between the length of opposite side and the adjacent side relative to the angle.

We can see that, 


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