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Hi everyone ! Now my subject to write about is Chemistry. Trust me no matter who tells you it's a hard subject it isn't ,not when you have done your part of work right and studied well. Chemistry is really easy once you have got hold of it and specially O/L Chemistry is just at the very basic level . When you move up the ladder to further studies you will see how big the world of Chemistry is. But without this O/L basic knowledge Chemistry will be challenging! I'm not going to be writing down theory notes for pages. Things will be made as simple as they could be made!


Now your first question should be " What is Chemistry? " but i know no one asks that !  Even I didn't .
Chemistry is the study what matter is made up of , what the structure of matter is , how matter reacts, and what the properties of matter are. I know it sounds like insane !! So simply CHEMISTRY IS THE STUDY OF MATTER AND ITS BEHAVIOR .

Our first lesson will be the classification of matter . Matter can be classified in various ways but for your level the relevant classification is as follows .

Pure substances - Matter made up of  one kind of substance    (water , hydrogen , helium)

Pure substances are further classified to 2 main groups : 

1. Elements - Elementary substances or substances which can not be divided in to simpler substances . Elements are made up of one kind of atom. ( Hydrogen , Silver, Gold )

Elements are further grouped under four headings.

  • Metals - Silver,Gold,Iron,Sodium 
  • Non metals - Oxygen,Nitrogen,Hydrogen
  • Metalloids - Arsenic,Germanium,Antimony 
  • Noble gases - Helium,Neon,Argon 

2. Compounds - Substances that can be divided in to elements and that are made up of two or more types of atoms .(Ammonia, Water, Ozone) 

Impure substances - Matter made up of a mixture of various other substances (Salt solution , Air , Soil)
 They are classified as follows 

1. Homogeneous compounds - A compound where the composition is uniform through out a sample (Salt solution,Blood) 

2. Heterogeneous compounds - A compound where the composition  differs at different places in a sample (Soil,Wood) 

I've given a few examples for each topic but try finding more such examples through self study ! Our next lesson will be on the story of the "atom" . 
Till then study well ! Take care ! Bye ! :) 

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වකා - WAKA said...

Wow...a great post.

Well done bro! I just remembered my O/L days :)

ආගන්තුක යා said...

:D :D Waka, it's not a bro, it's a sis who had written this having 9A's under her name in OL's 2009

වකා - WAKA said...

ok ok ...i'm sorry.

well done akkiyo

වකා - WAKA said...

hope she's from my school :)

Yaz said...

:) thank u! my first ever post and i'm really happy to know you liked it !

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