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                             Structure of the atom.

Hey there! Hope you guys are doing fine! 
I'm back hopefully with another lesson and this time we are going to take a look at the building block of chemistry.     The ATOM! 
The atom as you obviously know is a very small nano scale particle. This very small atoms consists of even smaller sub atomic particles.
3 such are taught to you in your level.
  1. Proton
  2. Electron
  3. Neutron

And that's a summary of what you will need to know about the sub atomic particles.  
Now we have the electrons the protons and the neutron. How do the fit in together to form the atom? Trust me scientists are still looking for the exact structure but for the sake of studying, based on the experiments a few people have made some models of the atom.

Plum-pudding model  
Sounds tasty but kind of outdated now. This was suggested by J.J Thompson. He said like in pudding the positive charge is a huge sphere and the electrons are embedded in it like plums.(they haven't found out about the neutron when he was putting out this model) 

Planetary model 
This was Rutherford's idea and it's pretty much what people today are believing in. He said that the protons and neutrons were concentrated to the middle in a nucleus and electrons are moving around it. Neil Bohr added something more to it saying that electrons have specified paths or "orbits" where they tend to move along. Hence the atom was kind of like the Sun and the planets in our solar system.

Rutherford's model 

Bohr's model 

And that is the end of another lesson! 
P.S. I've left out the experiments you are supposed to know in the discovery of sub atomic particles if not this would be a long short note but if you feel that you want me to explain them please feel free to drop a comment and let me know! Bye! :) 

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